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Find your source of inner peace and rediscover your personal power.



ON ANGEL WING is passionate about transformation and our aim is to assist you to discover your inner light and encourage you to let it shine more brightly into this world. We offer you support whilst initiating positive changes in your wellbeing, building self-esteem and confidence, encouraging you to create a life that you love♥


Carole Ann Powell is an experienced meditation guide, teacher/trainer, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Crystal Therapy Master, Shefa Practitioner and Angel Healing Therapist working to ACHO standards , is fully insured, qualified and offers a high standard of service


The positive changes that meditation, healing and life coaching can bring to your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health can be life changing


When you make changes within your inner world, the changes are mirrored in your outer world too. I have learnt from personal experience that when I am smiling on the inside, the world smiles back at me and so I smile even more and then the world smiles back at me even more and I smile .....................


What's available from On Angel wing?


Healing Bespoke healing sessions , Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Shefa and Angelic Healing Therapy, Transformational guided meditation, Intuitive life coaching, by arrangement at On Angel Wing, Carbis Bay, nr St Ives, Cornwall, UK The Metta Centre, 1 Chapel Street, St Ives, Cornwall UK


♥Meditation Groups and courses


Evenings TBA

On Angel Wing, Carbis Bay. Cornwall.

Please contact Carole to check available spaces


Daytime TBA

On Angel Wing, Carbis Bay, Cornwall.

Please contact Carole to check available spaces


Meditation in your home. If you have a group of friends who would like to get together at your home to experience meditation, please contact Carole to discuss details.


Guided Meditation CD Please go to the meditation pay to buy with via PayPal, I will post your CD by first class post. Also available at:


The Metta Centre, 1, Chapel Street , St Ives


Know Thy Self , Georges Arcade, Falmouth, Cornwall




Fear-less and Love more - mini workshop 2nd November 2013, 12.45 - 13.45 at the Satori Mind Body Spirit Fayre, St Ives, Cornwall


Guardian angels *


Crystals *


Self-Empowerment *


* Date and time for the next workshop TBA


Contact Carole tel 01736 793007 , 07515684881 or email also see relevant pages for more information


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"This lady is a great healer I can fully recommend her sessions. Beautiful meditation class last week too." Margaret

"I wanted to say how very much I appreciated you sharing your healing insights and words of knowledge and wisdom with me this afternoon. I had assumed that Angel Healing Therapy would be similar to Reiki, in that you had to trust in that something had taken place, I was totally not prepared for my inner body response to your healing. I was left in no doubt at all that healing had taken place - from top to toe literally! In closing, I will also say that for a couple of months now, it had become very hard to miss the pain felt in both my knees. I had grown accustomed to it, thinking that it was just age and wear and tear. So you can imagine my delight when I became aware within a few days of your healing that there is no longer any pain or discomfort!" Warm Regards, Jean


"Dear Carole, I just want to say how inspiring and deeply healing my sessions have been with you. Transformation is too weak a word! When we met up, I was in the grip of a terrible depression and inertia, if not utter despair and spiritual paralysis.I now feel full of joy and inspiration, connected to my centre and to my soul, able to give to the world and appreciate the many gifts around me." Angela


"Hi Carole, Just wanted to say thank you for being such an excellent guide/teacher. After just 2 sessions with you I can't believe how much things have opened up & improved for me. I have also gained a deeper understanding than before. This week I have been quite poorly for the two days before, after meditation my body is singing again! Thank you so much" Amy


".....your meditation CD has not only helped me but my husband Ray as well, and I would like to tell others how much benefit it has been........ now with your CD I can listen and relax when ever I need or want to; it just helps me to get things into perspective" Beryl, Truro.

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Light Activation Meditation CD produced and recorded in Cornwall.

".....your meditation CD has not only helped me but my husband Ray as well, and I would like to tell others how much benefit it has been........ now with your CD I can listen and relax when ever I need or want to; it just helps me to get things into perspective" Beryl, Truro.

TO BUY this transformational CD     please go to the meditation page 

Let go and relax into a loving embrace

Guided Maditation Groups

Shefa healing energy from the seraphim a powerful but gentle healing technique Visit healing page for details


Abundance with the Angels


There is a land

That I once knew

Where we all had wings

Long ago

Where Pegasus flew

And unicorns wandered

In a land I knew

Long ago

And if you knew

That you flew too

Then you'd remember

The land I knew

For we’re all the same

You and I

From the land I knew

Where we all could fly  

        © 1994 Carole Ann  Powell





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